Month: July 2010

Hydroponics techniques for Cloning Plants

Plant cloning is almost as old as agriculture itself, and some species of trees originated as plants that were cloned on a mass scale. For example, all Bartlett pear trees have their ancestors in a tree that was first cloned in 1770. Here are the most common methods hydroponics gardeners use for cloning plants.

Plant Growth Enhancers – Supplements Every Hydroponics Grower Should Have

A sad truth is that the majority of hydroponic gardens never reach their full potential. With hydroponics, you have the ability to achieve much faster growth and much larger harvests than what is possible in soil gardens. But you will only enjoy these benefits if you really pay attention to your garden’s development and educate yourself on the variety of plant growth enhancers that are available to you.

Sphagnum Moss Nutrients – Good Tips for Hydroponics

If you have grown in an outdoor soil garden, you are probably already aware of sphagnum moss. Versions of this moss are used as a soil conditioner, and it is particularly popular amongst organic gardeners. But did you know that you could actually use this material for your hydroponic growing as well.

There are very few totally natural hydroponic growing media available to growers, but sphagnum moss is probably one of the most notable. It is not only very natural, but is exceptionally water absorbent. But for all its benefits, like all growing media it has its share of challenges. However, if you simply work to make yourself aware of them, you can enjoy the benefits of this growing medium while suffering few of the downsides.

Organic Hydroponic Nutrients – The Facts in Hydroponics

Don’t be fooled into believing that hydroponic growing means that you have to abandon organic nutrients entirely.  While it’s true that many growers like to mostly use synthetic supplements and nutrients, the same kind of organic materials that can benefit soil gardens can also benefit you in hydroponics.  In fact, many of the best hydroponic […]

Tips For The Novice Hydroponics Gardener

Every journey starts with the very first step. So there is really no reason to feel nervous if you are just starting out with hydroponics gardening. Even the most experienced gardeners, and even those who now operate large greenhouses, had to start somewhere.  But it helps if when you are starting to know exactly how […]

How to Save Money on Hydroponics and Plant Nutrients

When growing your garden in soil or in a hydroponics system, it makes sense to be as cash efficient as possible. By taking a careful look at where you can save money, you are giving yourself more freedom to pour more money into your garden’s variety, which allows you to expand and enjoy larger yields within your budget. One of the areas where you can save a lot of money is through gardening & hydroponics nutrients. If you know the correct way to purchase and use gardening & hydroponics nutrients , you will save a ton of cash.

Sphagnum Moss Nutrients – The Truth In Hydroponic Systems

When most people think of sphagnum moss, they typically think of an organic material that soil gardeners usually use to condition their soil. But this is a somewhat unfair characterization, as it can also prove to be a very useful medium for hydroponic growing. Very few hydroponic media are totally natural, and that fact that this moss comes from a natural and renewable source is very appealing to a lot of gardeners. It is entirely possible to use sphagnum moss as a stand alone medium, usually it is used in conjunction with some other, more stable medium, such as perlite.

Hydroponic Supplements for Maximum Yields

If you really want to make the most of your hydroponic garden, you should think outside the box, or at least outside of just the basic nutrients and supplements. There are a lot of tools available to hydroponic growers that can help them experience the rapid growth, bigger yields, and healthier plants that they crave. But you won’t enjoy any of these benefits if you don’t educate yourself on some of the most potent organic means to give your plants all of the nutrients that they need.

Hydroponic Supplies for Plant Health

Disease is a major scourge of hydroponic gardens. Even if you have the most incredible, highest yielding plants, all of your efforts can come tumbling down if your plants suddenly suffer a bacterial or viral disease. This is why it is imperative to take measures to ensure that you do not have to put up with the hassles of disease beforehand, and that means being armed with the appropriate hydroponics supplies.

Advanced Nutrients – Tools for the Advanced Gardener

Without the basics, your garden will simply not be able to achieve very much growth. Even if you are backed by an impressive set of high tech equipment and resources, your garden simply won’t be able to achieve the large yields and delicious fruit and vegetables that are possible with a hydroponics garden. But once you have mastered all of the basic elements such as nutrient balance, temperature, basic maintenance, and pH balance, you should start thinking about other things that you can use to help your garden reach the next level of powerful growth.