Month: October 2010

Hydroponics Baddass Ballasts Low

Here Is the First Low Frequency Digital Ballast Ever!
Many digital ballasts promise technology advances, but very few reach the optimum satisfaction level of hydroponics growers; the reason being that other ballasts run at higher frequencies. Many hydroponics growers feel electronic ballasts have high frequency characteristics and create noise, hence, they prefer low frequency magnetic ballasts over electronic ballasts. Due to this hydroponics growers are forced to give up the benefits of newer digital ballasts.

Hydroponics Connoisseur

In this fast-paced world, time is of great essence. Don’t we all want our plants to reach the peak of their blooming faster? Don’t we want bigger harvests more frequently? Our hydroponics plant experts feel they have found the answer in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, which they have tried to distil into a better 2-part premium bloom base fertilizer. The principle of Kaizen states that small, continual improvements at each step of a multi-part process equals a much larger, compounded total increase in performance in the final product.

Hydroponics Baddass Ballasts – Digital

Space-age technology to secure your hydroponics garden is on the way. Our premium electronics products provide you unmatched reliability, function and efficiency for easier and more effective lighting. Our ballasts have internal heat shielding and radio frequency shielding, making your home and garden safer. And they are flawless performers! We are sure about that, which is why we give you a seven year warranty, the longest in the industry.

Grow More with Hydroponics Systems

Tips for Hydroponics Beginners

You’ve decided hydroponics gardening is your thing. Now what? You need to decide what you exactly want to grow. While you can have a colorful garden full of different types of vegetables, it’s better to specialize in a single vegetable when you’re just starting out in hydroponics. You will be able to understand plant needs better and then gather more expertise as you go on.

Hydroponics Sensi Grow

The Secret for Faster and Large Hydroponic Plants Is Here!
The “5-in-1 formula” and “pH technology” can now fasten the growth of your hydroponic plants and gives strength they need for maximum size, weight and potency when they bloom! The team of scientists and experts have discovered a product for hydroponic plants to grow faster and get higher yields when they bloom. To build a big, strong and impressive structure you have to have a strong base; similarly, you can get big, swollen and quality hydroponic yields if you set up your plants for their finishing cycles. Thus, it becomes necessary to fulfil nutritional needs of your hydroponic plants with appropriate ratios and on regular intervals if you wish for a productive hydroponic garden.

Hydroponics Sensi Bloom

Who said you have to be an expert grand master hydroponics grower to get the biggest and juiciest buds from your plants. All you need to know is our secret to the above! We’d be nothing without our wonderful secret, one that combines 5 different plant improving formulas into one sensational and revolutionary 2-part bloom base nutrient.

Also, we’ve made your pH problems redundant. The patented PPM Perfect technology developed by our scientists at Advanced Nutrients means your pH woes are a thing of the past. So even if you are the most inexperienced, insignificant hydroponics grower on the surface of this earth, you can now experience pro-level juicy yields and buds.

Hydroponics Heavy Harvest

This discovery is called Heavy Harvest, triple-blend formula. With the help of Heavy Harvest you don’t have to waste your time feeding your plants everyday. You can feed them once per month and yet the precise nutrients with right amount and at the right time are supplied to hydroponic plants for their full growth. The interesting part is your hydroponic plants will grow as if you are feeding them regularly even though you visit them once in 3-5 weeks. The best feature of Heavy Harvest is it automatically creates an environment for hydroponic plants to grow faster.

Hydroponics Grand Master Grower System

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely you are a cash cropper who has a significant amount of hydroponics growing experience. You’ve mastered the three growing levels that come before this and are looking forward to the Grand Master Grower System, which offers yield increase advantages an average of over 47% over the Hobbyist System.

At this level, you’re dextrous with your hydroponics crops, which is why we’ve included a range of powerful plant enhancers that increase crop weight and reduce cropping time. They are combined with the hydroponics nutrients and additives used through the Hobbyist, Expert Grower and Professional Grower Levels.

Hydroponics Professional Grower Systems

Experienced growers, who are progressing from Expert Grower Level can increase their yields by an average of 33%, which is over the Hobbyist Level. The Expert Grower Level growers will be able to follow the enhanced feeding program by applying an additional 3 bioenhancers, the reason being that these growers have mastered applying a variety of hydroponic crop enhancers through the growing cycle. The special combination of bacteria, enzymes, carbohydrates, Humates, bloom cofactors, and vitamins help push and support at an increased metabolic rate over other feeding programs. Hydroponic growers can enjoy bigger root systems and bushier hydroponic plants to overcome the extra demand and yields created by driving higher metabolism rate of hydroponic crops.

Hydroponics B-52

You treat your plants like loved ones, giving them the best environment and the juiciest nutrients hydroponics has to offer. You have heard that vitamins might help your plants grow, and are interested in what they might offer in terms of hydroponics nutrition. Scientists at Advanced Nutrients tested the effects of B vitamins on plants in hydroponic systems and found that plants nourished with B vitamins grew bigger and better.