Month: November 2010

Get Odorless Hydroponics Grow Room!

There are possibilities of different kinds of odors in your home hydroponics garden if you are using a simple homemade hydroponics system. However, professional hydroponics growers may not be concerned about this problem, but it is discouraging for the home hydroponics growers to live with constant air of odor in the house. As a grower you must be familiar with the fact that quite a few materials used in hydroponics gardening have a typical smell. Therefore, to solve the problem of odor in your house there are few steps to get odorless home atmosphere.

Benefits of Hydroponics Foliar Feeding

Most hydroponics information is related to root feeding, that is supplying adequate nutrients solution directly to the roots. However, you can also feed your hydroponic plants by applying nutrients to their leaves, it’s a technique known as foliar feeding. The foliar feeding technique was developed by Dr. H.B. Turkey and S.H. Wittwer at the Michigan State University department of agriculture. This research clarified the myth that wet leaves are prone to destruction.

Choose The Right Medium For Your Hydroponics System

Because of global warming citizens and government bodies are constantly working on ways to cut down carbon dioxide emissions and improve the environmental conditions. Many countries feel that the best way to cut down these harmful greenhouse gases is through examining how they produce and distribute their food supply. Hydroponics not only helps produce large hydroponics fruits and vegetables but also help improve environment conditions. Listed below are different ways that can help you “go green” in the future.

Beneficial Bacteria

If you want your hydroponic plants to grow with good pace and if you want your hydroponics system to work efficiently, then just good lighting system and nutrient solution is not enough! It is also very important to explore different ways to maximize nutrient absorbing capacity of your hydroponics plants to increase their yields. The best way to increase their nutrient absorbing capacity is through beneficial microorganisms. These beneficial bacteria are specially designed to work simultaneously with your plants to increase health and nutrients uptake of your hydroponics plants. Listed below, are few benefits of these microorganisms that may help your hydroponics systems.

Tips for purchasing good hydroponics equipment

The big world of hydroponics is exciting and effortless. Hydroponics, in simple words means, growing delicious and bigger fruits and vegetables without soil. There is large range of hydroponics equipment on the market. Although there are many hydroponics systems that may be appealing to you because of their low cost, but it should match your plants needs too. Listed below are few tips you would consider while purchasing hydroponics equipment.

Hydroponics Baddass Blower

If you are depending on your inline fan to remove extra heat, substitute current air with fresh air and control temperature and moisture, you better confirm. You can rely on Advanced Nutrients’ BaddAss Blower for all this. BaddAss Blower is one product that promises well-maintained ball bearings, a good quality steel structure with a housing that is rust proof, a high tech good performance, have a low surface power cord and is repair free. BaddAss Blower can successfully ace Energy Star rating so that you can leave it on without worrying; you can also save money on your power bill with this feature.