Month: January 2011

Improve Overall Hydroponics Yields With Sugar Supplements

Most growers feed their plants with sugar without understanding its importance. For instance, the bouquet you gift your loved one on Valentine’s Day are generally kept in water with sugar to extend their bloom. By simply adding fulvic acid and humic acid to your nutrient solution will automatically provide build blocks for sugar. Very few growers know that there is a meter called Brix Meter which is available in the market to measure sugar levels in the leaves. The more sugar you provide your plants the healthier they are and it also improves overall yield.

Choose the Best Hydroponic Nutrients for your Garden

If you are serious about hydroponics and intend to source the best hydroponics nutrients and hydroponics supplies for your garden, then you need to keep in mind certain things which will help you succeed. It can help you overcome all the confusion that you might face, while trying to select the best product which will suit your plants requirements. This will help you in ensuring that you provide the best hydroponics nutrients for your plant.

Media and Bacteria affect pH Fluctuations in Hydroponics

To monitor and control erratic fluctuations in pH levels of your nutrient solution, you need to understand the chemistry of nutrients and other chemicals used in your hydroponics system. When the nutrient solution fluctuates towards high pH value, it indicates presence of surface active basic sites which act like buffer and readjust the pH of your nutrient solution to their own preset levels. While the buffers in root zone media work on the same principle on which the minerals work to control the pH of soil, they work against the nutrient solution. Substrates like Rockwool, river bed gravel show strong pH buffering effect due to their composition. So be careful when you are using these as growing media and follow simple tips to control pH levels.

How to use Air Stones in Hydroponics

Hydroponics is one the advanced techniques of growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is a system of growing plants with the help of nutrient solution. Nutrient solutions are kept aerated with the help of air stones, thus enhancing the oxygen concentration in the root zone and preventing it from getting stagnant. Air stones are predominantly used in deep water culture, where plants’ root dangle inside the nutrient reservoir. You can buy these air stones in any garden centre or pet stores that sell aquarium supplies.

Vitamin Enhancers Are Good Supplement for Your Hydroponics System

It’s a universal fact that as a buyer you would always want to purchase something that is most beneficial and worth the investment. For instance, for your plants a good plant vitamin enhancer is worth the investment. These plant vitamin enhancers have ample vitamin B which is beneficial in numerous ways irrespective of what you are growing and what are the objectives of your operation. These vitamin enhancers give unbelievable results that create extremely suitable environment in the nutrient solution.

Trichoderma Is Beneficial for Your Hydroponic Plants

Beneficial bacteria are the vital part of your hydroponics garden therefore it becomes necessary to preserve these bacteria by providing them highly favorable environment in the hydroponics reservoir. The most popular way of retaining these bacteria is by adding to your hydroponics systems a product that comes with trichoderma. As an experienced hydroponics grower you must be familiar with the importance of trichoderma in your hydroponics systems. Trichoderma encourages increase in root mass, boost your plants immunity and many other benefits that’ll amaze you. If you want to enjoy full advantage of beneficial bacteria, then you should consider using products that combine well with them.

Reap Maximum Hydroponics Growth with Fulvic Acid

The key ingredients of fertile soil are Humic acid and Fulvic acid which also lends a dark brown color to the soil. These ingredients help to break down the available nutrients in the soil and make them readily available for the plants. As a hydroponics grower, you try to incorporate the beneficial properties of soil in your hydroponics system. One simple way to achieve this is by adding Fulvic acid directly to your hydroponics reservoir. To get the most out of this key ingredient, you must adjust some other factors in your grow room which complements Fulvic acid.