Month: March 2011

Grow Marijuana with Simple Hydroponics

You can effortlessly grow marijuana or weed or Cannabis Sativa at home whenever you want. Growing hydroponics marijuana seeds will provide bigger yields in lesser time. However, it’s important to know the basics of hydroponics before you start with marijuana planting in your garden. Most growers think that hydroponics is just about water but the truth is that hydroponics mainly includes direct supply of precise nutrients to the plants. The standard of hydroponic yields is very high!

Grow Unique Orchids with Easy Hydroponics Systems!

Hydroponics growers are fond of growing orchids because they are among the most attractive and appealing ornamental plants. Orchids grow better in tropical climates, and recently growers around the world have adapted indoor orchid growing methods. Now, you can easily enjoy alluring flowers and scent of orchids in your balcony or room. Hydroponics systems is one definite method that can increase the value of your orchids. Hydroponics systems is highly effective for the growth of orchids because you can control its temperature, nutrients and other aspects of production.

Cloning Gel Is the Best Way to Make Cloning Simple!

In hydroponics, cloning is considered as a difficult task. Don’t consider yourself alone if you’re facing problems while cloning. Even the most serious hydroponics growers face problems while cloning, because it’s very difficult to get 100% good results. However, there is easy way to grow your stems with the help of cloning gels. Precisely designed with variety of vitamins and hormones, cloning gels gives extra boost to the stems for quicker growth. And, successful cloning leads to faster formation of roots. Initially, cloning might disappoint you with lower success rate. Therefore, it becomes very important to use a good cloning gel.

Beneficial Soil-Mix For Hydroponics Gardening

Most growers decide whether to use hydroponics or soil mix only after experiencing with the both the worlds of gardening. Growers have their own preferences and either use hydroponics or soil mixes but not both. However, very few know that hydroponics and soil mix can be combined together to get best growing results. Soil mix will give your plants natural nutritional support, while hydroponics nutrients can give you faster and abnormally bigger growth.

Try Chemical-Free Hydroponics Gardening with Organic Tea!

Today, across the world growers are worried about overuse of chemicals in soil to get superior-quality yield. The use of harsh chemicals in soil has led us to severe drawbacks and that is constant soil depletion and contaminated environment. Therefore, hydroponics growers are turning towards organic farming techniques and implementing organic formulae rather than using chemical-based fertilizers. Many growers are opting for organic tea as a organic fertilizer. Organic tea has been used as a fertilizer since centuries. Organic tea can be used in both soil based gardening as well as in hydroponics gardening. It comes with many necessary organic nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms. Beneficial micro-organisms prevent plants from getting affected by dangerous bacteria and fungi. It also helps in increasing your plants and crops immunity level thus taking them towards not only quantity but also quality growth.

Try Hydroponics Supplements for Maximum Yields!

If want the best results from your hydroponic garden, then you have to consider something more than just basic hydroponics nutrients and hydroponics supplements. There are many tools and techniques that can help you attain bigger yields, healthier plants and faster growth. However, to fully enjoy the advantages of hydroponics you have gain intense knowledge. This will help you to understand what your plants need specifically. Listed below are few common organic hydroponic supplements that can enhance your plants growth. You can either mix these hydroponics supplements with organic fertilizer or use it separately.