Grow Marijuana with Simple Hydroponics

March 24, 2011
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Grow Marijuana with Simple Hydroponics

Hydroponic Marijuana System

Hydroponic Marijuana System

You can effortlessly grow marijuana or weed or Cannabis Sativa at home whenever you want. Growing hydroponics marijuana seeds will provide bigger yields in lesser time. However, it’s important to know the basics of hydroponics before you start with marijuana planting in your garden. Most growers think that hydroponics is just about water but the truth is that hydroponics mainly includes direct supply of precise nutrients to the plants. The standard of hydroponic yields is very high!With the help of these simple steps you can grow good-quality marijuana in just 3-4 days. This method is also known as hand-watering in soil-less medium. This method is cost-effective and efficient with production of about 1-3 ounces of fully dried buds per crop. Your budget will depend on the quantity of your plants.

  • Gather all the items. Ideally it requires $300-$500 for five plants and it will give 1-3 ounces per plant.
  • Use proper grow lights. Start by placing them at a height, may be a little above your pots and should have enough room to reach the final height of the fully grown plants. Depending on what grow area you grow your plants you can fix your light appropriately.
  • Now start proper watering and adjust the pH level to 5.5-6.0. Feed your plants with filtered nutrient-enriched water. Gradually increase the supply of nutrients with the growth cycle. Overdose of nutrients destroy plants so ensure that you provide your plants with adequate nutrients.
  • Don’t allow your growing medium, coco coir, to dry. Water it regularly with the nutrient solution.
  • Give your marijuana plants adequate light. Give them around 18-24 hours of light every day during the vegetative phase. The vegetative and seedling phases are the crucial phases for your marijuana plants therefore provide enough light to keep them healthy.
  • After your plants have achieved a final height its time you five them light for 12 hours and switch off the lights for next 12 hours.
  • Understand the right gender of your marijuana plants and trash the males. Female plants have white hair and males have pollen sacs. If females and males are allowed to stay together they’ll encourage groth of seeds germination and not buds.
  • The toughest part comes now when you have to wait to see your plants mature in the flowering phase. The flowering stage usually lasts for 6-12 weeks.
  • Before two weeks of harvests, feed your plants water with appropriate pH levels. After that stop feeding otherwise the taste of nutrients may reach the buds. For better taste it’s advisable that you don’t feed your plants two weeks prior harvests.
  • Do the final cutting by either cutting the whole plant or just buds at a time. The right time of harvests is when 50-75% of white hair turns brown or when crystals are either milky or half amber.
  • It’s advisable to trim your plants so that there aren’t many leaves hanging out from the buds because leaves can make your final smoke very harsh and they don’t contain THC, which you definitely don’t want in the final product.
  • Dry your trimmed buds by hanging them upside down in a cool and dark place.

Now place your buds in air-tight container and then leave them in cool and dark place for about 2 weeks to 1 month. Open the jar once a day to allow proper air ventilation and ensure that your jar is free from any moisture.

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