Daylength Is a Critical Factor in Regulating Vegetative Growth

Hydroponics Vegetative Growth

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in nutrient solution. Hydroponic fruits and vegetables are extremely beneficial. Each variety of hydroponic plant has its own requirements. Among them daylength is usually the most vital factor in regulating vegetative growth of your hydroponic garden. Plants use daylength as a sign to promote their growth in spring and prepare them for the cold weather. Many plants require specific daylength environment to initiate flowers. The long days of summer supply a good amount of heat for the healthy growth of your hydroponic plants.

To adjust to their new stage of growth, you need to shorten the daylength of your plants. For your autumn-flowering crops, you need to reduce the daylength from 18 to 12 hours. Chives usually grow year round, however for that you need to provide enough long daylength. Remember, if your outdoor plants do not get proper sunlight during the vegetative growth phase, quality and yield of your garden will become low.

Usually, plants adjust their growth cycle according to the daylight and darkness lengths. In hydroponics, grow lights enable control over the light available to plants irrespective of seasons. This makes it possible to have long days in the winter and fall. In areas with low light level, you need to take help of artificial lights to maintain good rate of production. You can use fluorescent grow lights, which are particularly suited to the vegetative growth phase of plants and can be used throughout the year to grow your favorite vegetables in an indoor hydroponics growing system. Shortening the daylength of indoor hydroponic garden is simple enough, you just need to change the timer of your grow room.

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