Does Adding Rooting Hormone To Hydroponics System Boost Plant Growth?

Hydroponics System

Hydroponic plants are grown suspended in a liquid solution containing minerals that are essential for plants. Hydroponic root hormones are one of the most important components of a hydroponic system. The growth and development of a plant are usually influenced by external environmental factors, and chemical hormones inside the plant. If you are planning to grow plants from clones or cuttings, you need to add rooting hormones in your hydroponic system to boost healthy growth. Rooting hormones are chemical messengers that influence a plants ability to respond to its environment. Always try to use a good quality gel, liquid or powered rooting hormone for your plants. Rooting hormone is a compound that is used to stimulate a leaf, or stem cutting, to grow roots.

If you are using rooting hormone powder, pour a small amount onto a small dish of water. To get better result, you need to dip the base of your cutting in water so that rooting hormones will remain in its place, and then dip the base of cutting into the hormone. As a hydroponic grower, never try to dip the cut end of your plant directly into the whole container of rooting hormone for a long time. Remember, applying too much hormone can burn your plants tip and will prevent it from growing properly.

The basic elements your plants need to grow properly are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Phosphorous is the major component of fertilizer that helps to promote plants root growth and rooting hormones are rich in phosphorous. Rooting hormones help to stimulate your plant to develop new healthy roots. Some of these hormones are found in nature, others can be made in your own home.

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