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Protect Your Hydroponics Plants from Gray Molds

Indoor hydroponics gardening is growing rapidly because of limited space and resources. But, these indoor gardens are easily prone to enemies that you need to take care of and the most harmful of these enemies is gray mold (Botrytis Cinerea). It’s an interesting fact that “mold” is formed due to fungus. As an affectionate grower it’s a nightmare to see your flowers rotting right in front of you. You would never want to experience such thing as a hydroponics grower. Now you must be thinking how to control the growth of gray mold and what can you do to stop its growth in your grow room?

Nutrients for Your Hydroponics Plants

Hydroponics is considered as the most efficient and productive method of cultivation by most hydroponics growers. In simple words, hydroponics means growing plants in water and not in soil with alternative agricultural tools and techniques. The most common method of growing plants hydroponically is in nutrient enriched water. It’s a combination of water and essential nutrients in growing media like coco coir, sand and gravel for steadiness and stability. With drastic decrease in the forest land and scarcity of water this soilless plant growing method is a smart way out. Since you start hydroponics from the scratch, i.e. building the grow room, the hydroponics systems and then growing plants, you have full control over the hydroponics nutrients supply and elements that hydroponics plants need to grow faster.