Hydroponics gardening with DWC(Deep Water Culture) Hydroponic Systems

Deep water culture hydroponic system is the simplest method of hydroponics, in which the plant roots are suspended to grow in a solution of nutrient-rich, oxygenated water in a deep or shallow reservoir.

What is a Passive Hydroponic Gardening System?

Passive hydroponics is a convenient method for vegetable gardening because of its high yields and deliverance of quality products.

Does Adding Rooting Hormone To Hydroponics System Boost Plant Growth?

Hydroponic root hormones are one of the most important components of a hydroponic system. Hydroponic plants are grown suspended in a liquid solution containing minerals that are essential for plants

NFT – An Efficient Hydroponic System for Better Yield

Nutrient Film Technique or NFT is a type of hydroponic system where a shallow stream of water containing all the essential dissolved nutrients required for plant’s growth is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants in a watertight gully, also known as channel

How to Make LED Lights Work for your Hydroponic Garden?

LEDs are an important component of the indoor growing industry. But still a large segment of the hydroponic growing community does not know exactly how to make LEDs work effectively for their garden.

Hydroponic Gardens – Ideal for Rooftops

Hydroponics and other alternative methods can expand the possibilities of roof top gardening by reducing the need for soil or its tremendous weight.

Daylength Is a Critical Factor in Regulating Vegetative Growth

Daylength is usually the most vital factor in regulating vegetative growth of your hydroponic garden.

Hydroponics Growing: – Steps To Follow

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants sans soil under controlled environment. Starting a hydroponic garden is not hard, as long as you plan and prepare for the task.

Monitoring your hydroponic Growing Medium pH

Hydroponic growing needs accurate amount of nutrients that your plants need. It is essential to measure and monitor the pH level of your nutrient solution on a regular basis. Maintaining pH at an optimum level provides better result and greater yields

A Perfect Hydroponic Environment to Grow Tomatoes

Growing hydroponic tomatoes is easier than the traditional growing methods. You can grow tomatoes indoors within a greenhouse environment with the help of hydroponic systems.